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Karen served as interior designer on an amazing renovation, where she literally transformed a raw warehouse space into an airy and inviting Pilates studio. As a contractor, I was delighted with her profound ability to smoothly coordinate all aspects of the project via the client, vendors, and many other contractors on board. Her professionalism and dedication are truly only exceeded by her aesthetic taste. - Nick Cope, owner of Green Painting

While out doing errands one Saturday, I came upon the Patricia Raskin "Positive Living" radio show. I enjoy listening to her show as she tends to have a lot of interesting guests with useful information. This day she had a segment featuring Karen Feldman who was versed in Feng Shui and all of its aspects. At the time, my husband and I were planning to put our home on the market. We were open to what would aid us in our quest. I was very interested in what Karen had to say. That evening, I viewed her website and sent her an email. A few days later, she came to my home, taught me how to do space clearing to create clean, neutral energy to attract the right buyer. In addition to several other suggestions, she recommended changing the paint color in our bedroom. I followed her guidance, did the clearing, and changed the bedroom paint color to a wonderful shade of sage. Our home felt and looked so welcoming that we decided not to sell! Karen has a wealth of knowledge and is a delightful person. - Deborah Oliveira

I first asked Karen Feldman for her advice as a designer when I found that my beautiful Victorian house on the East Side did not always fit easily with my classic modern furniture. So she figured out how to make that combination work and then also designed a fabulous art deco rug for the front parlor that complemented my grandfather's Chinese rug. Combining these styles was not easy, but the point is that Karen listened to me and to the spaces and to the objects and it all became beautiful. I believe that her knowledge of Feng Shui gives another dimension to her work that my family has all profited by as we've worked with her over the years in several different spaces. I'm very grateful for her outstanding professional capabilities and her personal kindness. - Beverly Haviland

For the last 24 years my family and I have been living in what can only be described as your basic sadly aging "snout house". Since I loved the neighborhood too much to move I knew that I desperately needed the help of Feng Shui consultant/interior designer to make the house aesthetically and functionally appealing. Karen Feldman was just this person. She correctly pointed out that our garage was overly dominant on our facade. We added a much-needed smaller garage to the side of he house which drew attention away from the prominent garage and balanced the proportions of the house. Another feature on the facade we changed at her suggestion was our barely noticeable front door, which we gave greater emphasis to. She was also able to assess the energy flow in our house, which enabled us to enhance its contemporary design in our renovation. As an interior designer she suggested some wonderful lighting changes, such as cove lighting in our kitchen, and steered me away from using colored plumbing fixtures. Now we have a spectacular and harmonious suburban house, one that I never dreamed I would live in! She did wonders for me and I know she will be of invaluable assistance to you as well. - Linda Kwerel

Karen and I first met in 2003, and I quickly developed an admiration for her professional art and design work. Karenís intuitive use of color, design, and form flows throughout all her fine artwork and custom designs. She has a natural talent for enhancing home and work environments by consulting with her client to incorporate, color, carpets, flowers, and artwork. She herself designs beautiful, customized, hand-knotted rugs, pillows and other decorative items for this variety of environments. I have had the opportunity to witness her creative process in action -- from palette choices, to initial sketches & revisions, to production, and final completion and installation of her designs. - Laura Atkinson, Providence RI

Over the years I have come to realize that I can completely trust Karen's design choices for my business. Karen's knowledge of Feng Shui permeates her work in a way that only adds to its timeless quality. She understands the importance of little extra touches. When I look around my Pilates studio, I thank Karen every day for the focus and time she put into making it feel like home for me and my clients. When Karen commits to a projects, she is there from beginning to end, available on the phone and many times at the last minute - Jen McWalters, Jen McWalters Pilates Studio, Pawtucket, RI

We have used Karen Feldman's design services for several projects in our home. We have always been pleased that she listens to us and is able to translate our feelings into beautiful colors, fabrics, lighting and room layouts. She has offered wise advice to keep us heading towards colors and materials that help us achieve our goals. She is scrupulously exacting about details. The results have been extremely satisfying to us as we enjoy the comfortable warmth and beauty of our home. - Anne & Wayne Franklin, Providence RI

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