healing design in partnership with nature

Urban Eden’s mission is the conscious, intentional co-creation of empowering, beautiful, and functional environments. Since 1995, I have been offering my unique talents and expertise as an interior designer and certified Feng Shui consultant. I incorporate the subtle infusion of the ancient wisdom of Feng Shui into all aspects of my client work. By utilizing these expanded set of practices, I create home and work spaces that truly reflect my clients’ highest visions and needs.

The 21st century has brought a profound awareness to design professionals, architects, and builders of the influence of the non-physical and natural world on the built environment. Nature is now understood to be a respected, integral part of how we define our home and work spaces. We have come to understand that a partnership with the natural world enhances the quality of our lives, heightens our well-being, and informs our spaces with inspiring, healing energy.

Urban Eden has been steadfastly aligned with this necessary partnership for many years, and before this awareness was part of our design and cultural trends. As well as specifying  green technologies and sustainable materials, my firm offers design solutions that creatively re-envision and reuse what a client has. With this intention informing all of my work, Urban Eden achieves optimal outcomes that easily respect my clients’ budgets.

I look forward to being of assistance to you soon!

-Karen Feldman

Karen Feldman is a native Rhode islander and a 1974 graduate of Brown University with a BA degree in Studio Art and Art History. She was simultaneously enrolled at Rhode island School of Design studying drawing and printmaking. She completed courses in the Certificate Program of Interior Design at RISD in 1997. In 2001, she received certification in Feng Shui after studying with master Carol Bridges at the Nine Harmonies School of Feng Shui. She then became the first RI interior designer certified in Feng Shui, and one of the very few in the northeast region.

Ms. Feldman was an award-winning graphic designer and art director in the 1980's. Her talents encompass a wide array of design sensibilities, and she approaches her work with an artist's eye for balance, proportion, harmony, color, and beauty. She additionally designs custom carpets and is a trained floral designer.

She has been self-employed as owner of Urban Eden since 1995, serving residential and commercial clients throughout New England, Naples, FL, and Washington, DC. Her energies and focus on beautiful, functional, and energetically aligned environments are also expressed with her ongoing teaching and seminars.

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